Saturday, January 13, 2007

Video editing tips

Happy new year, etc! I've been busy watching some youTube clips... and what I learned is:
  • Never take a picture of you standing besides a giant M&M
  • Don't take video clips of trash bins
  • Don't ever dare to take video of you and your mates eating hamburgers
  • Don't leave your camera on while you are walking
  • Don't ever take video of you standing in queue at Disneyland
  • Do not take videos of your mates singing karaoke
  • Never, ever say "Hi, Mom" on one of your home videos

I also learned that you shouldn't send a wedding announcement via e-mail, or you might spend your honeymoon at Guantanamo. I also just learned about the new iPhone... some people here in NZ say that despite it will be available here soon, you won't be able to use it here in the next 10 years! (cell companies do not offer all those services yet) But it's actually quite cool! specially the automatic rotating display... and the touch screen zoom! wow! I want one of those for my birthday, even if I can't use it here!

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