Thursday, January 25, 2007

No shame

I know, I know... I have no shame. After more than one week almost with no computer, and the first thing I do is play with "Line Rider". After a mental recess, I was ready to re-start the new year, and I thought it was a good opportunity to reformat my computer. It was too slow, almost like a pentium PC... you know: you write something on the keyboard, and 30 seconds later it starts to type on the monitor.

So, I completely erased and formated the hard drive and installed OSX. However, it didn't want to install the upgrades. For 3 days I tried everything... downloading and downloading the combo updates, trying to install from root, etc, etc... but nothing worked. So, I made an appointment at the apple service... and they fixed it in just a couple of hours. What they did was to install the upgrades from another computer i.e. using my computer as if it was a removable drive. But then, I had to spend another whole day just installing the extra software: office, CAD, premiere, acrobat, freehand, etc, etc.

The good news, is that now it runs like new, applications open real fast... and the hard drive is not searching for fragmented files anymore, which was the problem in the first place. I could even hear that the hard drive was like crazy searching and reading every time I blinked.

Anyway, after the whole computer adventure, I found out about Line Rider, which is a flash simulation game. And well, it was a good opportunity to test video capture, movie cropping, transfer to mp4 and other things that are very demanding on the processor (and hard drive) to see how my lap is working (well, that's how it's called nowadays) So, I did this movie. The thing is, that line rider is quite addictive... once you start playing with the simulation, you may spend hours, and hours playing with it. I found some quite interesting line rider movies on YouTube, like the urban rider, tumbling, 9400 lines and the one eyed giant. They say that there are more than 10,000 line rider movies on YouTube... wow. it probably would make an interesting exercise for composition.

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