Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Plain old gazeebo

Kiosko de la plaza de armas de GuadalajaraI was searching for information about the "Casa Zuno"... when I found this picture of the Kiosk at Plaza de Armas in Guadalajara, and I was left speechless by the comment. If this is just a plain old gazeebo, then the statue of liberty should be called "just a big plain lighthouse". Other works from Fonderies d'Art du Val d'Osne are being auctioned for big bucks, like this neptune statue... so I guess a more appropriate title could be "a very expensive old gazeebo".

Gabriel told me a quite interesting story about the four season's godesses... The spring is my absolute favourite.


PS(to the architects): do you have information about casa Zuno? like: who was the architect? when it was built? which exact style is it? etc. I have someone insisting that it is spanish colonial, and I say it is french rococo.
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