Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sugar chicken soup

I found the lost cousin of Jessica Simpson! Bullets and Butterflies traces the journey of a handicapped street child and a biking enthusiast from the bustling cityscape of Delhi to the serene hills of Himachal Pradesh. Rajesh is also allergic to pork meat... or sugar meat... or is it chicken sugar...? OK. Just watch the film and you'll see.

Also at the culture unplugged film festival is this nice documentary about Tibetans in exile. Watch around minute 3:30... there's a nice cosmological explanation to the origin of people in Tibet: "The most famous of them all is that a male monkey manifestation of a Bodhisattva, married a manifestation of Tara ("star" bzw. "mother earth" or "the mother of the Buddhas"). With this marriage, they had 6 hybrids from which it is believed that the Tibetan race was originated." Now, that's certainly an hybrid of Darwin and some intelligent design!

4 years ago, KidsCan charitable trust, started a campaign to give shoes to many kiwi kids who stop attending school during winter, just because they don't have shoes or coats. It's terrible that kiwis came to such realization during a Labour government, but it's nice that some one finally recognized that there are underprivileged kiwis, specially kids who need a hand to be able to get to their full potential. During this last 4 years, KidsCan has grown into many campaigns... the most recent is the "Designer Jandals". One of the iconic kiwi items are the so called "jandals" (japanese sandals). There's even a "national jandal day" in NZ.
New Zealand Jandals"The KidsCan StandTall Charitable Trust is super styling this essential summer footwear collaborating with seven top New Zealand designers to bring you the KidsCan “designer jandals” range. The range is available exclusively through Number 1 Shoes with $5 from every pair sold going towards KidsCans programmes which support financially disadvantaged Kiwi kids! Jandals are in store nationwide from the 24th of November."
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