Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fried green apples

13.3 inch macBook 2008Well, finally... after years and years of waiting, almost since Jobs called Ellen Hancock a "bozo" then closed the Apple Research Labs and stopped listening to the customers... because, he said at some point, "I don't have to listen to crazy mac fans, when I know what's best" (that's my lose interpretation, not his actual words)... Anyway, after all this time, they are finally presenting a notebook that is exactly what people have been asking for in the forums: the glorious return of the best mac ever: the 12" PowerBook. Of course, the new MacBook is actually 13.3" and it's duo-devil inside... but it's all what a laptop should be : 2.4Ghz, 2 to 4GB memory, 250GB disc... and of course a DVD superdrive, and finally almost all the environmental features they have been neglegting ... unlike the anorexic thin-air-book with no optical drive, alzheimer's memory, and bulimic storage space. What were they thinking?!!!

enviornmental report macbookYeah sure, he knew best. Until a report came out some months back, that mac notebooks were practically not selling at all. Why would they? when mac laptops have been basically the same since almost 10 years! That's like 59 in bunny years, and 200 in laptop years. Ezra Gottheil's comments last month, aknowledge that the company is now divided in 3: mac, iPod and iPhone. Jobs was not happy with that whole "computer creatin' thing"... he was interested in "meaningful partners" and to sell, sell, sell gizmos and gadgets. That all went (very) well for a while, but after eight years of not listening to anyone's boos (including those annoying stockholders), now he had to explain himself to the stockholders, after the "makin' computer thing" started to lose inertia.

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