Thursday, October 02, 2008

Creative my gaiters!

Finally! Adobe's CS4 is here, and to be fair, it looks better than ever. My only complaint is that the combination of products in the creative suite families are as always arranged kind of arbitrarily or are just inadequate for me. Why would I want to pay for 3 or 4 applications I want, and get 6 I don't need. Wouldn't it be more useful to have a selection system like: you can choose any 4, 5, 7 ,9 or 13 applications for a fixed price? That way, everyone would get what they really want. The way it is now, I bet that many people are forced to get a weird suite and then buy something separately... and not many have the money to get the "master's suite". I don't.

There's another complaint actually. The price of those things! Yes, it may be adequate for large corporations, but small businesses like small design studios can't afford to buy 3 or 4 licenses, that's like their full income for the whole year! No wonder that many studios use hacked software. My approach: I don't have any hacked software on my computer. I'm surviving with freeware like gimp and open office. The old software I bought doesn't work anymore or works partially on OSX10.5 like my old Photoshop elements doesn't even start. When software applications have a reasonable price, well, there's no excuse for pirates... but when prices are like that, one wonders who's the real pirate.

And well, there's a third complaint: despite having a reasonable affordable price, the new photoshop elements 6.0 for mac seems to be horrible. So much, that most of the comments on the apple store are people who asked for their money back... Now, I'm totally scared by those comments, and seems that I was waiting in vain all this time. Almost a year ago I said that I was concerned that the new PSE looked like it was going to be made for "stupid users"... and it seems I was right. So, I have no other option but to win the lottery or get me a guardian angel sponsor so I can buy me one of those creative suites, just to have the full "real" photoshop, and update my old marcomedia studio MX. That's sadly the thing with computers, is the never ending story of money being sucked in.

Speaking of software, I received Yesterdei this newsletter from pinnacle... well, it's not too late for "Hoi ultimo dia".

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