Saturday, September 06, 2008

Evil Twins and Quadruplets

Miguel from Merida or Jean Nouvel?Raul sent me this "riddle". To be honest, I didn't knew what he was talking about, until he explained to me the joke. This "testimonial" was found on Fester's website. Fester is a trademark of Henkel, they sell paint, additives, and other chemicals for the construction industry. 12 hours after banging my head against the walls... I thought I had it and I sent him an e-mail : "I got it! that dude looks like "uncle Fester" from the Addams Family!". Raul replied, that in deed many people think that the guy from the picture looks like Uncle Fester, I just confirmed the resemblance...

Then, he explained to me that "Miguel, a constructor from Merida" is in fact this year's Pritzker Prize Laureate! WOW! And I thought Telecom was deceiving customers using a fake testimonial from "McCallum and Partners"... Fester (b.z.w. Henkel) surely went a giant step further faking a testimonial with a Pritzker Laureate. evil quadruplets - Jean NouvelI wonder if they asked for JN's (Miguel's) permission to print his picture and testimonial. Anyway, I did a quick google search to mend my terrible ignorance, and disipate any doubt if J. N. may have an evil strange twin living in Yucatan called Miguel... to my surprise... Not only he has an evil twin, they are three-and-a-half-plets. Oh, wait... it's quadru-and-a-half-plets if we include Miguel! However, seems that Jean Nouvel is not the only famous architect separated at birth from his evil twin(s): Koolhaas, Liebeskind, Hadid, Gehry, Piano, Tschumi, Calatrava, etc... they all have evil twins! Just like neutrons and anti-neutrons, matter and anti-matter... I guess it's for the sake of balance in this universe.

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