Saturday, March 08, 2008

Iconic Brits!

This boxed Grenadier/Queen's Guard looks more like some lego of a Danish guard. I think it's a difficult task to stylize an icon without the risk of ruining some visual encoding. It would have been impossible to mix the mexican sombrero with the helmet of a normal bobby for example! I wonder how it would have been if they had chosen among other British icons like : Alice in wonderland, monty phython, the english weather, fish and chips, the mini skirt, the pub, a pint of real ale, Dr. who, Punch & Judy, little Britain ... or something "designish" like a double-decker or a Garden Gnome.

Anyway, Dicojal is inviting again to the UK-GDL-MX Design Forum. The last forum 2006 in Guadalajara was so successful, that this time it will go to Mexico city as well. April 7/8 in Guadalajara (ITESO) and April 9/10 in Mexico City (IBERO) You can hear from 8 design firms on issues about branding and packaging.
Design Bridge, Mark Rodgers
Blue Marlin, John Morris
Imagintation, Eduardo Braniff
Paragraf Design, Pablo González de Castilla
BDP Brand New, Andres Villalobos
Haiku, Francisco Aguayo Aguilar y Gabriel Cárabes Viera
Ideograma, Juan Carlos Fernpandez
Helix Estrategias, Gerardo F. de la Mora Basañez
Retorno Tassier, Gonzalo Tassier
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