Friday, March 07, 2008

Design for Dummies

Expert village is a website with thousands of "do it yourself" video tutorials in all areas of life: from belly dancing to magic tricks. There are weird video tutorials like "how tostart your karaoke business", "how to read tarot cards","zombie survival skills", "How to Draw the Human Body", "How to Carve a Figure out of Wood, "how to Make Clay Betty Boop pendants" or you can learn "Fire Breathing Basics" and many more vital knowledge in life... like how to become an Industrial Designer by Rajan Sedalia :

"Do you have an eye for design? Have you ever said to yourself, “I could do better than this” when it comes to the products you use everyday? Those attitudes are the basic driving principles behind industrial design. Whether it’s
tweaking the shape or texture of a new invention for ergonomic reasons, or reworking the overall aesthetic of the product for better marketing appeal, an industrial designer considers how to deliver a consumer good from concept to reality, helping it to succeed at every stop along the way. Industrial, or product, design requires a bit of the renaissance approach to the job, combining art, style, and creativity with concerns of usability, ease of manufacturing, and cost. Designers decide how the finished product looks and feels, and how it’s delivered to us in the retail marketplace. In other words, they influence our everyday lives in indirect but powerful ways."
OK, the "art and engineering of creating new products ... taking the renaissance approach", I think I'll stick with the belly dance lessons then.

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